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Armi Goldman


Approaching trading with practical cabalistic methods. Our fundamental research includes the technical analysis.

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We are groups of 5 to 15 members with 1 to 3 admins and we operate as fundamental research trading groups and communities.

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Educational activities are also available for visitors or regular members. It depends on the topic and the participants.

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Profitable trading strategies that only registered members use to observe or implement in their trading systems.

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Brand new strategies with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Having the possibility to manage almost all the parameters gives you the power of impecable optimization. 

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Copernicus for education

“Unfortunately the more complex the system, the greater the room for error.” George Soros.

Copernicus is profitable and very simple. I decided to keep it free and available to public use so any trading community can enjoy it!

There are several trading pairs that we optimized Copernicus for, and they require constant optimization and attention over time.
Feedback is appreciated, help us help you!

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Armi Goldman V1.7 Copernicus


Armi Goldman V1.7 Copernicus


Armi Goldman V1.7 Copernicus


Jarvis for traders

Jarvis is a new trading system that combines several personal strategies to give us the edge we need in position management.
Main focus for Jarvis is to increase the number of profitable trades vs. losing trades. This is how we know to set the correct position volumes and Risk Reward Ratio.
Optimization for Jarvis strategy pairs available for members only.

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